DosaFil launches range of solid chemical treatment inhibitors


DosaFil has launched a range of solid chemical treatment inhibitors, cleaners and biocides for the heating and plumbing sector.

Steve Crick, DosaFil’s managing director, said: “We set out to challenge the status quo, creating a safe, easy to install and operate water conditioning system that also addresses common key concerns of modern business, such as health and safety, eco-friendliness and reduction of energy consumption.

“We designed a new approach to water treatment, dared to dream about changing things when we were told they couldn’t change, and produced a solution that has already made us a highly successful business as we quietly went about changing the face of improving water quality in heating systems.”

The DosaFil alternative solution relies on being able to provide the active ingredients in a solid paste format that is less dangerous to handle and transport. According to a statement, it results in no leakage or spillage and needs no plastic.

The Dosafil DR range meets all the standards and guidelines that currently exist in the marketplace whilst offering a raft of benefits over liquid solutions for merchants stocking the product and installers using it, a statement has said.

There are four key products in the range being launched. One is the DR1 solid inhibitor sticks, which is the first solid inhibitor in the world to gain NSF International CIAS certification, formerly known as BuildCert, plus DR2 Solid Cleaner sticks, DR3 Solid heavy duty cleaner sticks and DR4 Solid biocide sticks.

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