ArmaFix Ecolight insulated pipe supports

Pipe hangers fixed directly to plumbing pipework is a common cause of heat loss. For example, a 28mm LTHW copper pipe operating at 60°C in 20°C ambient room temperature will lose 60 watts of energy per linear m of pipe. Each un-insulated bracket is equivalent to this 1m heat loss rate, costing approximately £5 per m per annum in energy costs (based on a gas cost of 3p per kWh). Furthermore, un-insulated brackets on cold water pipework attract condensation, causing damage to surrounding fixtures and goods.

By using ArmaFix Ecolight insulated pipe supports, condensation is prevented, and heat losses are dramatically reduced. The supports are available in 13, 19, 25, 32 & 40mm thickness and a range of diameters to match pipe insulation tube sizes. The supports are manufactured using PET foam made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. As well as being environmentally friendly, the material provides a high compressive strength a low thermal conductivity value of 0.033 W/(m•k).