Wilo introduces H2Powerplant


Wilo has introduced H2Powerplant, an operating plant in a live production environment. Wilo has reported that this is the ‘first ever’ green hydrogen solution of its kind to be brought to market.

The H2Powerplant ‘proves’ the concept of power independence and generation in a decentralised way, Wilo has stated. It is in operation at Wilo’s German headquarters, Wilopark in Dortmund. Only 1% of the world’s current hydrogen classed as ‘green’, according to IRENA.

The system is to be rolled out to all Wilo locations and is also available to the market in a modular arrangement for varying power demands. The product that will now go to market is available in four different sizes that will be able to generate power equal to the annual demand of either three, five or 20 households.

The system uses electrolysis to convert renewable energy generated from solar, wind and hydropower into green hydrogen. When it’s needed, a fuel cell can then be used to convert the hydrogen back into electrical energy and the waste heat is either used in the interconnected system for heating, stored or converted into cooling on site.

This system can also be used to support new and/or existing combined heat and power (CHP) systems that have been designed to work with a blended hydrogen mix, meaning it also has the potential for retrofit applications.

Dave Williamson, sales and marketing director at Wilo UK, said: “Green hydrogen is fundamental for achieving the climate protection goals agreed in Paris. Ultimately, this game-changing technology will enable companies to accelerate the migration to clean energy from existing infrastructure without having to start from scratch.

“For example, companies using gas or CHP systems that will operate with a blended gas mix that can utilise hydrogen from the H2Powerplant and reduce carbon emissions within existing infrastructure.

“Wilo has already received enquiries from world-leading large energy users in the UK, wanting to implement the H2Powerplant as part of their own net zero strategies and when bidding for major sustainability-driven tenders.”

The first pilot project for H2Powerplant was approved in May 2022 which saw Wilo and various industry partners design and build the first functioning system at Wilopark in Dortmund.

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