Water Regs UK survey reveals common plumber health issues

Water Regs
Julie Spinks, managing director at Water Regs UK.

A new Water Regs UK survey has exposed the most concerning health issues for plumbers nationwide.

The survey findings revealed that a significant percentage of plumbers are grappling with various health problems. A total of 73.2% reported joint ache, closely followed by 69.3% experiencing back pain.

Work-related stress was identified as a major concern, affecting 44.4% of respondents. Regarding additional health issues, 33.2% reported dry skin, 29.8% reported trapped nerves, 23.4% complained of repetitive strain injury and 17.6% said they suffered from hearing loss.

Julie Spinks, managing director at Water Regs UK, said: “Plumbers provide a vital service helping others. It’s important that they take time to look after themselves too and seek help when they need it.”

The survey’s standout statistic of 44.4% of plumbers experiencing work-related stress calls for particular attention to their work-life balance and mental well-being.

The plumbing profession demands physical exertion and imposes high-pressure situations, leading to significant mental strain. It was crucial to address the impact of work-related stress on their mental health, WRAS stated.

Plumbers can find free support and resources in the UK through organisations such as the Mental Health – Lighthouse Club, Mind, Samaritans, and the NHS Mental Health Services, which offer helplines and counselling services, it added.

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