Vast majority of homeowners support delay to oil and LPG boiler ban

Jack Coles, a heating specialist from

News that a ban on oil and LPG boiler installations has been pushed back nine years has been welcomed by British homeowners, with 69% supporting Rishi Sunak’s plan to delay the deadline, according to new research from

The Prime Minister (PM) last week announced that he will delay banning oil and LPG boiler installations in off-grid homes until 2035.

According to the new data, the majority of Brits support the move. While overall close to seven out of ten homeowners support the delay, amongst the over 55s this increased to 76%.

The research also looked at opinions from supporters of different political parties. Conservative voters polled were supportive of the delay, with 86% agreeing. However, Labour supporters were less supportive, with just 45% favouring delay. Green Party supporters were more supportive of the move than Labour voters, with 50% agreeing with the decision.

Jack Coles, a heating specialist from, said: “While we of course appreciate that this may not be welcome news from a green perspective, many will be breathing a sigh of relief. The current alternatives to gas and oil boilers have historically been very expensive, and require research to source the best solution for your home.

“Some extra time will not only allow homeowners to work out the best option for their homes but also give manufacturers the chance to come up with new innovations that may make these alternatives more affordable.”

The PM also announced that grants for people under the boiler upgrade scheme would be increased by 50%, going up to £7,500.

Jack added: “Any support for homeowners in these difficult times is great news. Hopefully, the grants will be easy to apply for, and a delayed ban will give many Brits the time they need to get these in place. 

“One provider recently unveiled a new heat pump design that, with current government support through subsidies, can be installed for free in some homes, and for just £3,000 in those that need upgrades including insulation.

“These costs will go down as competition increases and more people install heat pumps. Heat pumps are also cheaper to operate than gas boilers if homes are well insulated.”

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