UK’s best (& worst) cities to be a tradesperson revealed

Trades, such as plumbing, joinery, decorating and welding, have long formed a vital chain in our society. Last year, a huge 26,000 university places were on offer through the clearing system, and as such, an increasing number of young people could be picking up the toolboxes to ‘bring home the bacon’.

But whether you’ve sparked an interest in becoming an electrician or are currently building a passion for bricklaying, where should you kickstart your career?

The team at have looked at various factors for the 40 most populated UK cities and discovered the top places to become a tradesperson.

The UK’s top 10 Best cities to be a tradesperson are:

  1. Reading
  2. Portsmouth
  3. Middlesbrough
  4. Peterborough
  5. Oxford
  6. Warrington
  7. Norwich
  8. Bolton
  9. Aberdeen
  10. Wolverhampton

The worst 3 places to be a tradesperson are:

  1. Belfast
  2. Glasgow
  3. Plymouth

The research also reveals that Manchester is the best UK city to start your own business, with a higher business survival rate and various higher education options. Each city is ranked on business survival rates, available jobs in trade, available higher education courses, salary and advertising costs.

To see the research in full, click here.