Triton celebrates zero landfill waste status

tritonTriton, The Great British Shower Company, is celebrating the achievement of zero waste to landfill status two years ahead of schedule.

Having adopted a long-term strategy geared towards recycling or reusing all waste components and materials by 2018, Triton has already achieved its target.

The company’s latest eco success comes less than 12 months after it introduced a number of environmental enhancements at its headquarters in Nuneaton, Warwickshire.

Last year’s introduction of a colour coded waste management system within the company’s factory enabled Triton’s production staff to ensure the cross contamination of waste is avoided which significantly aids the efficiency of environmentally sound waste disposal. The process has been randomly audited ever since by Triton’s senior management to ensure continual improvement.

As part of its initiative, the company also introduced a number of ‘Oasis’ segregation points throughout the office and production departments. Each ‘Oasis’ ensures it is as simple as possible for both staff and visitors to play their part in recycling everything from office paper to plastic.

With Triton manufacturing thousands of electric and mixer showers every week, a duty of care arrangement is also in place to ensure the firm’s suppliers and waste carriers also transport and segregate waste in line with Triton’s environmental policy.

Lorna Fellowes, managing director at Triton, said:

“To have reached zero to landfill status so soon after putting a long-term strategy in place is a huge achievement for all of our staff. The success has followed real dedication from everyone based at our headquarters, who have embraced the changes we’ve put in place to make reuse and recycling second nature in our factory and offices.

“As a responsible British manufacturer, we are constantly striving to ensure our customers are investing in a company which is committed to maintaining only the strongest environmental credentials.

“The important thing now is that we don’t rest on our laurels and that we continue to maintain this enviable record.”

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