Travis Perkins launches Trade Talk podcast


Travis Perkins has launched a podcast entitled ‘Trade Talk’. The three part series is hosted by podcast and radio presenter, Sally Wallace.

Sally, whose husband has been a builder for 15 years, is joined by Karl Conway of KLC Builders from South Manchester, and Jake Keenan, a Travis Perkins branch manager at Congleton, throughout the podcast series. They will share their own blend of insight and experiences for those in the trade or thinking about joining the trade.

In the first episode Sally talks with Karl and Jake about their experiences of apprenticeships and training, and the episode also covers accounting and bookkeeping within the construction industry.

Matthew Aitken, head of marketing at Travis Perkins, said: “It is full of great tips, subject matters that the trade might find helpful and relatable. We’re really excited to be working with Sally, Karl and Jake who each has different experiences in the construction sector. 

“At Travis Perkins we have a long heritage of doing what matters for the trade and think each episode will help equip tradespeople with valuable insights and advice.”

Sally added: “I’ve been married to the trade for almost 16 years and presenting and hosting podcasts and radio shows for the same time. Hosting ‘Trade Talk’ for Travis Perkins produced by the team at Voiceworks is a dream combination for me.

“The episodes are fun, informative and a chance to share relatable stories and topics of the trade, with a little insight to the madness of my home life, as a trade wife.”

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