Theft levels vary across UK, finds Howe Tools

Power tools supplier Howe Tools has conducted a survey of tradespeople around the UK to reveal the occurrence of tool theft.

From a sample of 250 respondents, 83% of those surveyed in Glasgow had experienced tool theft.

This was the highest figure, followed by 60% in Brighton, 50% in Leeds, 43% in               Birmingham and Sheffield, 42% in Newcastle, 40% in Bristol, 36% in Liverpool and London and 29% in Cardiff.

Also revealed in the survey was that 35% of tradespeople would embrace additional training, while 46% agreed there are not currently enough apprenticeships available in their trade.

Tim Howe, managing director at Howe Tools, said: “There are many elements involved in being a successful tradesperson, with workers needing to have both the correct equipment and strong skills in their profession. With the ever changing nature of the industry it’s key for tradespeople to constantly develop these skills in order to continue delivering high quality work, so it’s encouraging to see so many workers looking to have more training in the future.

“There will always be a demand for tradespeople within our society, whether we need a plumber to fix a leak, or a builder to work on an extension, so the opportunities for apprenticeships and recruitment that have been suggested by the tradespeople surveyed are very encouraging.”


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