Suppliers urged to support industry through refrigerant legislation changes

With businesses using HFC refrigerants facing the challenge of compliance with the EU’s ‘faster pathway’ towards phasing out F-Gases, Aggreko is highlighting the role of HVAC suppliers to support the changes.

On Friday 31 March, the European parliament voted in favour of a motion that, as of 2024, only 23.6% of the quantity of F-gases used in 2015 will be allowed onto the market. This is to bring the EU in line with its 2030 climate goals.

However, the European Council, composed of governments from the EU’s 27 member states, has yet to adopt this position – meaning final negotiations between parliament and council may reshape the existing proposal, a statement has said.

This comes at a time of continuing questions over whether the UK government will continue to mirror tightening EU standards, with European regulations previously being incorporated into UK law.

Danny Quinn, head of HVAC product line at Aggreko, said: “Despite best practice in service and maintenance, it is crucial the industry reduces potential HFC refrigerant leaks, in accordance with the European Parliament’s recent decision.

“In certain parts of Europe, for example, they have already taken steps to only allow equipment using lower GWP refrigerants (refrigerants with a GWP of 1,000 or lower) in permanent equipment, and in line with anticipated legislation the accelerated phasedown schedules across Europe may be mirrored in the UK.

“Considering this, the refrigeration industry is already reviewing future equipment technologies to ensure compatibility with stricter regulations and are investing in how we will move away from HFCs.”

According to the European parliament’s proposal, the biggest cuts will be made from 2024 onwards, with a view to reaching zero F-Gas being used by 2050.

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