SEC Group celebrates important milestone

b&esProfessor Rudi Klein chief, executive of the Specialist Engineering Contractors’ (SEC) Group, has celebrated 25 years’ with the organisation – the industry umbrella body of which the Building & Engineering Services Association (B&ES) is a founder member.

In marking this important milestone, B&ES president Andy Sneyd pointed out that Professor Klein had been instrumental in establishing SEC Group as the authoritative voice of the specialist engineering contracting sector.

Having long been acknowledged as an influential lobbying body in both Westminster and Whitehall, SEC Group had, in more recent years, formed effective satellite operations in all three of the devolved administrations.

“This has allowed SEC Group’s core messages – especially in relation to key issues such as fair payment, the abolition of retention clauses in construction contracts and the promotion of project bank accounts – to be heard loud and clear across the United Kingdom,” said the president.

“A barrister by profession, a former academic and a visiting professor of construction law at the University of Northumbria, Professor Klein continues to bring to his role a keen legal mind, a talent for sharp forensic analysis and a determination to protect and promote the interests of specialist engineering contractors.”

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