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Salamander_Logo_CMYKPart of a bathroom upgrade is to ensure the household has enough water pressure to achieve the showering experience the customer wants.  Salamander Pumps believes that installers should always talk to customers about fitting a shower pump or mains booster pump when they are considering a new bathroom, but what helps the installer to sell a Salamander pump?

Installers often require technical advice before, during and after installation.  At Salamander Pumps, the technical support team, PumpWise, gives installers and their customers every assurance that they are working with a manufacturer committed to service support

Salamander sees the value in accessing householders with water pressure problems to create sales leads and put consumers in touch with their nearest recommended plumber following an enquiry.  Installers can take advantage of these leads by joining the Salamander Plumbers Network  via the website:

Installer loyalty is really important, so Salamander has created a loyalty scheme that offers both attractive personal rewards and business related benefits, including training modules to educate on correct pump selection and installation. Visit:

The installer service offer is further strengthened by easy online access to genuine spare parts. Parts that are reliable, tested and safe mean that installers are in a strong position to recommend fitting a pump. The  Salamander online spares shop has further information and support selecting the correct spare parts and accessories for your pump. Visit:

Ultimately, product quality is the best support a manufacturer can give to installers to pass on to their customers.  Salamander uses design technology, engineering excellence and robust components to create quality products that help persuade consumers to fit a pump that is quiet, discrete and reliable.

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