Salamander Pumps champions National Apprenticeship Week

Salamander Pumps

Salamander Pumps stated that it is a proud advocate of National Apprenticeship Week, recognising the significant value of apprenticeships in shaping the future workforce of the UK’s plumbing industry.

The critical role that apprenticeships play is now more evident than ever, it noted. With the UK’s plumbing and pump sector continuing to experience a widening skills shortage, well-trained apprentices play a pivotal role in addressing it, it cited.

Salamander Pumps said it believes that one of the most effective methods to gain the industry experience needed is for the younger workforce to learn on the job, through apprenticeship programmes at all levels.

Apprenticeships can play a critical role in shortening the skills gap by providing on-the-job training, the company added. It said that apprenticeships help trainees develop new skills and exposure to different areas of the business, whilst offering real-life knowledge that cannot always be gained from theory-based work.

Salamander Pumps stated that Mike Oxley, Lewis Wilkes, Noel Pemberton and Ryan Hughes, all exemplified the transformative power of apprenticeships in achieving new qualifications whilst developing their own careers.

Lewis Wilkes, a project engineer at Salamander Pumps, said: “The apprentice route provided me with hands-on experience. It has taught me the value of workplace experience as well as progressing my academic qualifications. My apprenticeship gave me the opportunity to be involved in different departments within the company.

“I now have nine years of work experience and have graduated with a first class bachelor’s degree (BEng) in mechanical engineering. This opportunity would not have been possible without choosing the apprenticeship route. By working between the R&D and Quality departments it allowed my learning/development to be well rounded and no day was the same.”

Mike Oxley, training manager at Salamander Pumps, added: “Learning on the job through apprenticeships offers invaluable real-world experience that classroom education alone cannot provide. I was mentored by an experienced Engineer who would allow me to take as much ownership of the work as possible, whilst always supporting me and giving constructive advice. It’s about gaining practical skills while being an integral part of a team.”

Noel Pemberton, quality inspector at Salamander Pumps, said: “My apprenticeship experience equipped me with the skills and knowledge essential for my role today. It’s a journey of continuous learning and growth. I would recommend an apprenticeship as it gives you an opportunity to have hands on experience in a working environment while still getting an education.”

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