Roman supports Wheelchair Rugby Club


Roman has sponsored the North East Bulls Wheelchair Rugby Club (NE Bulls WRC) through the County Durham Community Foundation, to help the club fund new and existing players.

Roman has supported the County Durham Community Foundation for over 15 years and sponsored local people, initiatives and charities, it noted.

Dale Thompson, chair of the committee, said: “The club can be described as a lifeline for some of its members as without the provision of this sport, some members would be completely inactive.

“The NE Bulls would like to make the sport as accessible as possible for those with a disability and as such we raise funds on an annual basis in order to limit the financial impact our sport places on our new and existing players, especially during the current financial climate.”

The NE Bulls WRC will use the funds donated to purchase wheelchairs which can be used by new players when they join the sport, and they also work to cover some of the financial burdens that come with playing the sport, such as wheelchair maintenance, competition costs such as tournament entry fees and overnight accommodation to attend competitions.

David Osborne, chief executive officer of Roman, said: “We’re very closely engaged with our local community and are constantly assisting local projects and initiatives. When we heard about the NE Bulls WRC, we were keen to get involved and help the club to continue to recruit new players and support existing players.”

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