National Energy Action responds to cross-party MP report on energy bill support


Adam Scorer, National Energy Action’s chief executive, has responded to the Commons Public Accounts Committee report that looks at the government’s energy bill support measures including the Energy Bills Support Scheme (EBSS).

Adam said: “Even though bills are due to fall by hundred pounds, energy prices will remain hugely inflated and continue to hit households on the lowest incomes. While the government response has grown to meet this challenge since October 2022, many people who need help the most are falling through the cracks.

 “As a minimum, government should be reinvesting any resources that have been committed but haven’t yet been spent. That should support more than 2.5m low-income and vulnerable households who are no longer receiving any government support.

“Without more targeted support this autumn and winter these households will be exposed to the worst of this ongoing crisis with all the dreadful consequences for health and wellbeing that we have seen day in and day out in recent times.”

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