MPs rally behind renewable technologies

A coalition of almost 20 MPs and Members of the House of Lords, spearheaded by leading Conservative backbench MP, Henry Smith, have called for the widespread deployment of new energy and water-saving technologies.

The cross-party coalition has written to the chancellor asking him to “carefully consider” the widespread implementation of these technologies.

The coalition wants the UK to commit to a “widespread implementation of water-saving technologies, which have been proven to lower household water and energy bills, address water scarcity and nitrate concerns and tackle carbon emissions.”

Current policy, it said, “completely misses the fact” that up to 40% of energy used in an average household is used to heat water and yet currently no government scheme tackles this.

The use of water efficiency technologies could see household energy bills decrease by nearly £400 in some cases, it outlined, with devices costing under £170 to install.

With the efficacy of cutting-edge water-saving technologies backed up by academic institutions such as the University of Liverpool and supported by evidence from the Drinking Water Inspectorate and Natural England, the coalition said it hoped the government would act.

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