Millions of homeowners ration home heating this winter

Millions of UK homeowners look set to ration how long they have their heating on this winter, according to research from home assistance company, HomeServe.

The independent poll of 2,000 UK homeowners revealed that 31% will be rationing how long they have their heating on during winter 2014. In addition, those surveyed said boiler breakdown is one of their biggest winter concerns (11%) with a further 18% stating they will ration which areas of their homes to heat.

And with Christmas less than two months away, ten per cent of homeowners are also expecting to face a heating bill that’s more they can afford, and the same number are expecting to raid their savings to cover the costs of heating their homes.

The poll also shows that Friday October 31 is the most popular day in 2014 for people to press the “on” button on their boilers and home heating (28% of those polled).

“This research shows that people really have to make some tough decisions this winter, a time of year when the UK’s homes work hardest,” said Greg Reed, HomeServe’s chief marketing officer. “We’re not surprised to see that boiler breakdown is a source of worry, but we are on stand-by every day to support people if they need us.”

HomeServe is offering consumers a range of handy hints and tips for homeowners experiencing common boiler problems, at:

“Our website has plenty of help and advice for those experiencing boiler problems this winter along with a wealth of information on how to protect the home against the winter weather,” added Greg.


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