Loctite offers pump coating services and application training


Loctite is offering specialist pump coating services and application training across its portfolio of pump coating products.

Pumps are responsible for over 20% of the total global need for electrical energy and are recognised for their substantial energy consumption, a statement said. However, pump coating provides an opportunity for customers to significantly improve their operational efficiency, it noted.

The company stated that Loctite PC 7255, Loctite PC 7337, and Loctite PC 7227 are specifically designed to meet a wide variety of coating needs.

Loctite also said it is offering coating services from its network of certified applicators, tailored to the pump and specific customer requirements. Alternatively, dedicated application training can also be provided for industrial facilities or companies who would prefer to apply themselves on-site.

According to a statement, Loctite PC 7337 is a combination of epoxy and silicone, it provides a surface that is hydrophobic, glossy, smooth, and low-friction, which results in less energy loss caused by friction in the pump system. The statement added that it has a low surface energy of 23 mN/m, a high surface contact angle of 1060 (according to ASTM D 7334) and its abrasion resistance when compared to ceramic-filled epoxy coatings.

Bob Orme, senior applications engineer at Loctite, said: “We understand that meeting sustainability targets, increasing efficiency and reducing costs is becoming increasingly important to our customers across a wide range of industries.

“However, our high-performance coatings offer a simple way to navigate all of these pain points, whilst also enhancing the pump’s performance and longevity.

“We are thrilled to lend our decades of expertise to provide customers with vital learning on the direct benefits that pump coating can offer with demonstrations and training from our coating experts.”

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