Intergas to distribute Condensate PRO

Intergas has become an official distributor of Condensate PRO.

A statement by the company said: “Intergas has one the lowest boiler failure rates in the industry, but this reliability is compromised when external condensate pipework freezes.

“Often installers have no alternative but to discharge the condensate to an outside gulley or drain but, when homes experience prolonged periods of freezing temperatures, as they did in 2018, even regulation class o pipe lagging is unable to prevent the condensate from freezing.

“Thanks to the ingenuity of installer Dave Smith and his invention, Condensate PRO, frozen condensate pipes could be a thing of the past. Condensate PRO is an inexpensive, practical and easy-to-fit insulation kit that provides maximum protection against frozen condensate pipework.”

Dave Smith added: “Insulating the pipework is not easily done, can be quite intrusive to the fabric of the building, is hard to cost and explain to the homeowner and adds a significant amount of time to the overall installation. Condensate PRO overcomes all these issues.”