HETAS offers tips for Clean Air Day

Solid fuel safety organisation HETAS has said this week’s Clean Air Day (20 June) was a chance to share information about how the industry “can help make the air cleaner and healthier for everyone”.

HETAS shared tips for installers, sweeps and service technicians to share with wood burning stove customers.

Saying that under the right conditions, burning wood can be a sustainable and renewable heating choice, its three steps to environmentally responsible burning in the home included:

  1. Choosing a modern, HETAS and Defra approved Ecodesign stove which burns safely and efficiently.
  2. Burning properly seasoned or kiln dried wood marked Woodsure Ready to Burn. It won’t smoke as much as other fuels and will give you a long-lasting, warm burn.
  3. Keeping appliances and chimneys clean and well maintained with regular checks from trusted HETAS registered sweeps and engineers.

Bruce Allen, CEO of HETAS, added: “It’s more important than ever that users of wood burning stoves understand the steps they can take to significantly reduce particulate emissions. Innovation across our industry is focussed on improving the efficiency and safety of burning biomass fuels, including wood.

“We all have a responsibility to spread the word and help people make well informed decisions.”