Grundfos’ MD reacts to Budget announcement

Glynn Williams, UK managing director at Grundfos

Glynn Williams, UK managing director at Grundfos, has responded to the government’s Budget announcement.

Glynn said: “While the extension of the Household Support Fund is welcome, the Chancellor’s omission of dedicated energy efficiency measures from the Spring Budget is a missed opportunity to boost government support for households and businesses struggling with high energy bills.

“The electorate is feeling the heat from hefty energy bills, and they have been loud and clear in their desire for more guidance from government. A stark 77% of voters in marginal seats want more government support on household energy efficiency and most (60%) would be more inclined to vote for a party that pledges to prioritise home energy efficiency, according to our survey done with JL Partners.

“With inefficient homes costing the taxpayer over £12.7bn in energy costs over two years, voters would benefit from official government guidance on the low-hanging fruit energy upgrades available to them. For instance, optimising a home or building’s heating system could save UK businesses and consumers a cumulative £3.1bn a year.

“Pointing people towards these impactful but often overlooked measures would help voters seeking energy support at next to no cost to the government.”

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