Green Homes Grants launched

The government’s new Green Homes Grant Voucher scheme launches today (30th September) to make UK homes more energy efficient.

According to scheme partner TrustMark, homeowners across England are now able to apply for funding to make energy efficiency improvements to their properties.

The scheme could benefit more than 600,000 homeowners and includes heat pump installations but not gas boilers.

Simon Ayers, CEO of TrustMark, said: “Today marks a pivotal moment in not only our industry’s recovery but our journey to reducing carbon emissions and being net-zero by 2050.

“Homes – both new and existing – account for 18% of CO2 emissions and 15% of total greenhouse gas emissions. The time for innovation and development is now. Through the Green Homes Grant Voucher Scheme, we can collectively play a vital role in the delivery of lower carbon properties, with reduced energy costs and healthier and more comfortable living conditions for the occupiers.”

The vouchers will allow homeowners to obtain funding for up to two-thirds (up to £5000) of the cost of the energy efficiency measures identified, while lower income households including those on certain benefits could be entitled to have as much as £10,000 of the costs fully covered. They will be able to use the vouchers to install one or more of the following:

  • External wall insulation; internal wall insulation; cavity wall insulation
  • Under-floor insulation: solid Floor
  • Under-floor insulation: suspended Floor
  • Loft insulation; flat roof insulation; room-in-roof insulation
  • Park home insulation
  • Air source; ground source heat pumps
  • Solar thermal
  • Biomass boiler

In addition, households can use their voucher for further energy saving measures. These include one or more of the following:

  • Draught proofing; double or triple glazing; secondary glazing, when replacing single glazing
  • Energy efficient replacement doors
  • Hot water tank thermostat; hot water tank insulation; heating controls

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