Government urged to back hydrogen to replace gas boilers

Ian Henderson, MD of Boiler Plan

Heating expert Ian Henderson says the industry is 100,000 engineers short of being able to replace 22 million gas boilers with a carbon-free hydrogen alternative.

The founder and managing director of Boiler Plan UK said the green technology is the only viable alternative to decarbonising domestic heating – with trials underway to ensure the existing gas network can carry hydrogen and manufacturers producing prototype boilers.

He said: “We need to recruit and train a further 100,000 engineers if this country is to succeed in making the mass switch from gas to hydrogen boilers over a ten-year period. Existing heating engineers will also require an updating of their skills and expertise – which means that a huge investment is needed in apprenticeships and training.”

“A complete switch from gas to hydrogen has the support of the industry which is currently working very hard to make it a reality.

“It is one of the greenest fuels available and the key benefit is that it can be integrated into the existing gas network to cause a minimum of disruption.”

Electric heat pumps have also been mentioned as another low carbon heating system, but Ian believes this would be more appropriate to the 6m homes not currently on the gas grid.

He added: “Electric heat pumps are highly efficient when compared with gas, but the systems are much more expensive, and homes need to be well insulated.”

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