FlueSnug secures approval from Baxi

FlueSnug Baxi

Baxi has given its seal of approval for the use of FlueSnug with its range of boilers and flues.

According to a statement, FlueSnug meets the stringent air tightness standards required by Part L of the Building Regulations and offers significant benefits for installing in new builds and retrofitting in older buildings too.

When installed following supplier’s guidelines, FlueSnug seals are approved by Baxi for use with its Multifit 60/100 concentric flues and is recommended to replace any existing wall seals. FlueSnug negates the need for additional sealing, streamlining the installation process and ensuring a secure fit to the building’s fabric, it noted.

Dean Heathfield, commercial director at Talon, said: “Baxi’s approval of FlueSnug reaffirms our vision at Talon to deliver top-tier, practical solutions in the industry. We’re delighted that such a respected boiler manufacturer recognises the efficiency and innovation of FlueSnug, a product which makes life easier for installers in every way.”

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