Flogas Britain acquires Portal Gas Services

flogasFlogas Britain, the Liquified Petroleum Gas, Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and alternative energy supplier, has acquired Portal Gas Services from administrator, KPMG, for an undisclosed sum.

Portal Gas Services was part of T Baden Hardstaff, a Nottinghamshire-based business that entered administration last month.

While T Baden Hardstaff’s main business was road haulage and fleet maintenance for commercial vehicles, the Portal Gas Services division specialises in the supply of LNG and has developed Oil Ignition Gas Injection dual fuel technology for commercial vehicles.

The acquisition will see Flogas strengthen its position in the LNG market, expanding its transport capacity and increasing Flogas’ network of refuelling stations. As part of the deal, Flogas will continue to supply Portal Gas Services’ customers.

LNG is produced by liquefying natural gas to a point where its volume is 1/600th of its volume in a gaseous state, making it easily transported to large businesses not on the national grid.

The LNG market is expanding rapidly in the UK as large off-grid businesses increasingly become aware of the huge financial and carbon savings that LNG offers over oil.

Flogas currently leads the field in converting high volume oil burning businesses to LNG, and has designed and developed the largest LNG conversion project ever seen in the UK. The purchase of Portal Gas Services will allow Flogas to build on its current success for the benefit of existing and future customers.

Peter Ablett, Flogas commercial director, said:

“LNG is a very important area for Flogas and we see the extra vehicles, infrastructure and expertise we have acquired as a vital part of our strategic growth.

“The extra vehicles and refuelling stations we’ve acquired allows us to vary our purchasing strategy and better support our customers.”

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