Fire chief backs Make It Law campaign

Make It LawA fire chief is backing Plumb and Parts Center’s Make it Law campaign, which aims to stop needless carbon monoxide (CO) deaths.

Peter Dartford, president of the Chief Fire Officers Association (CFOA), has added his voice to calls for CO alarms to be mandatory, when any carbon-burning appliance is installed in England and Wales. It is already law in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

According to the Health and Safety Executive, 40 people a year are killed by accidental CO poisoning in England and Wales, with a further 4,000 attending accident and emergency departments.

Peter said: “As a chief fire officer, I am proud of the work fire and rescue services across the UK have done to drive down death and injury, but more can always be done. Too many lives are still lost and injuries caused by CO.

“While there is no substitute for the professional installation, servicing and maintenance of carbon burning appliances, making it law to install audible CO alarms would provide further protection.

“The CFOA and CFOA Blue Watch (home safety scheme) offer our full support to the Make it Law campaign. Please go to: to add your support.”

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