Find out how much money your washroom could be saving

cistermiserCistermiser, the washroom water management company, has created an online calculator that provides information and comparisons around the water and financial savings that can be achieved with different washroom products and product combinations.

The calculator provides fast, easy estimates for a range of Cistermiser’s washroom solutions, from taps to urinal valves. The results are specifically tailored for different types of buildings of all sizes and uses, from schools to hospitals or offices, and for new build or refit.

David Meacock, technical director of Cistermiser, said: “It’s been a terrific reaction so far. We knew customers didn’t always know which washroom products will work best in their type of building, now the calculator does all the hard work for them.

“It’s designed to be clear and straightforward to use so it only takes a few minutes to key-in data, such as the number of washrooms, users, taps and WCs. Customers can then experiment with umpteen options and combinations to get the best result for them.

“It’s also responsive, so it works as well on tablets and smart phones, as it does on laptops, which means – provided there is WIFI access – customers can use it when they’re out and about.

“But the best bit has been their surprise at how much money and water can be saved through applying different technology within their washrooms.”

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