City Plumbing launches air source heat pump kit-builder

City Plumbing heat pump kit-builder
Highborne Group Web site photography. Energy Efficiency Centre. City Plumbing. Farnborough Branch. 25th May 2023 Picture by Zute Lightfoot on behalf of The Highbourne Group

City Plumbing has launched a new online air source heat pump kit builder, which can be found at

A statement said that the tool helps users identify a heat pump system that is suitable for the home where it is being installed in four simple steps, before building a kit of all the components needed by the heating engineer for correct installation.

Developed by City Plumbing’s in-house digital and heat pump technical teams, helps users select a suitable air source heat pump system for a property, with sufficient output based on its heat loss.

Hemal Morjaria, managing director of City Plumbing’s renewables and electrical division, said: “Getting the right system, with all components needed to complete the install, for a home is the first step for a heating engineer so we’ve made it easier by building their online basket with all products required.

“There’s a belief that heat pumps aren’t suitable for many types of homes or that they don’t perform as expected once installed, but that’s often down to not choosing the right system for the home and the customer’s needs at the start. Our new tool takes that pain away.”

Once the heat loss is calculated, gives the user a choice of brand before presenting a range of heat pump options that provide sufficient output. The final step is choosing the cylinder size before a complete kit is built for the installer, with options for collection or delivery from their local City Plumbing branch and visibility of the cost and stock availability.

Hemal continued: “With our new kit builder, gone is the worry that you might have bought a cable or fitting that’s not compatible or forgotten a part. Plus, as it integrates with City Plumbing’s national stock checker, it saves the installer precious time going on separate journeys for different parts or making multiple trips to get everything they need.

“We’re currently getting around 400 visitors per day who want to design and build an air source heat pump system. It just shows the increasing interest and demand for renewable technologies as well as the need for a tool that does all the leg work for you.”

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