Bump and bounce for UK shower market

MTW Research
MTW Research
MTW Research

A new report on the UK shower market from MTW Research suggests above inflation growth in 2016, with new technology paving the way for a £50 million sales ‘bounce’ by 2020.

Based on industry sales data, the report forecasts volume and values and suggests that sales of shower products are set for ten per cent growth by 2020, highlighting healthy fundamentals as consumer spending remains strong in 2016.

According to MTW, growth in digital shower sales of 26% and a steady shift to higher spec preferences are boosting value performance, while volume growth is underpinned by rising domestic refurbishment activity for shower controls, screens, trays and enclosures.

By 2020, MTW forecast growth of £50 million for the UK shower products market, underlining healthy longer term conditions, though somewhat erratic sales in the near term.

The report identifies opportunities for sectors such as, concealed mixing valves, low profile shower trays and semi frameless enclosures.

MTW’s report is available from £595 at: www.marketresearchreports.co.uk or by calling: 08456 524324.

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