BigChange comments on latest Emissions Gap Report

Emissions Gap Report
Credit: Julian Hochgesang on Unsplash

An annual global Emissions Gap Report by the United Nations has highlighted that the heating of buildings needs to be massively reduced to meet the global target to lower emissions.

To help employers support workers in the gas, plumbing and heating industry, George Dibb, plumbing, heating, gas, and renewables expert at BigChange, shared his thoughts on the latest Emissions Gap Report.

George said: “With the report calling for all nations to accelerate economy-wide, low-carbon development transformations, there are some changes in the plumbing, heating, and energy sectors that need to be implemented fast.

“More and more gas engineers and plumbing and heating companies are already starting to install and service heat pumps as subsidies increase, however, these efforts need to be ramped up in light of the latest report findings.”

BigChange said it believes that the appetite for alternative heating options is only going to escalate given the ongoing cost of living crisis. The content of the latest report provides a real opportunity for gas installers to upskill themselves.

George continued: “There is a barrier for existing gas engineers to develop their skill set and we believe the government could do more to encourage engineers to make the change. There needs to be more awareness and incentives from the government and industry bodies and more clarity on just how important it is for gas engineers and boiler installers to also be able to install and service heat pumps.

“To see the difference we need to see in the Emissions Gap Report, engineers need the skills, knowledge, training, and support to develop their businesses.”

Dan Cross, a BigChange customer at Joy Services Group, added: “We have already started training gas engineers for air source installation and service so this is very much in our plans.”

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