BestHeating estimates cost of heating world leaders

Designer radiator specialist BestHeating has attempted to calculate the heating costs of leaders across the world in some of the coolest countries.

BestHeating’s John Lawless said: “Our energy bills always seem to be a talking point at this time of year as savvy Brits try to save as much money as possible.

“By highlighting the winter heating bills of country leaders in some of the coldest places it’s interesting to note how square foot can so drastically increase the cost. We’d recommend the leaders avoid placing any furniture in front of radiators, use well lined curtains, block any drafts from doors and windows, and try to keep the thermostat at the same temperature to ensure heating efficiency.”

Assessing the square foot of each leader’s home, the winter heating bills were calculated for the four months of winter using hours of use, radiator wattage and the average UK energy cost, which is currently 14.47p per kilowatt.

The estimated heating bills included:

£3,129.84 – 10 Downing Street, London

“The UK’s Government building is considerably smaller than most others in the world, resulting in Boris having a smaller bill. The 3,800 square foot home costs £3,129.84 to heat during winter, keeping its 100 rooms toasty.”

£8,346.24 – Rideau Cottage, Ontario

“Ontario is the home of Canada’s Prime Minister who resides in Rideau Cottage which covers 10,030 square foot. Winters can be harsh here with January often sinking to -13 °C – thankfully the heating bills aren’t too high due to the smaller size of the home.”

£10,548.72 – Sager House, Stockholm

“Home of Sweden’s Prime Minister, Sager House is spread over five floors with a total living area of 12,701 square foot. Located in Stockholm, the building has centuries of history and stands tall in winter temperatures of -3°C.”

£18,199.44 – Kesäranta, Helsinki

“Usually covered in snow throughout winter, the President of Finland resides in the Kesäranta in Helsinki which covers 22,000 square foot and battles lows of -7°C during winter. Keeping warm comes at a price though with the winter season costing over £18,000 in bills.”

£45,556.56 – The White House, Washington

“The USA’s Presidential home, The White House, is made up of 132 rooms spanning 55,000 square foot. This totals up a heating bill of £45,556.56 each winter when temperatures drop to -4°C.”

£97,720.56 – The Elysée Palace, Paris

“Located on the prestigious Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré in Paris, The Elysée Palace is the official residence of the President of France. The 118,000 square foot palace costs an estimated £97,720.56 to heat its 365 rooms each winter.”

£291,422.88 – Palace of Moncloa, Madrid

“The 352,000 square foot palace was originally built in the 17th century and is the official residence of Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez since June 2018. It is estimated that the energy bills for this Palace rise to £291,422.88 during winter.”

£214,799.76 – Grand Kremlin Palace, Moscow

“The official home of the Russian President, the Grand Kremlin Palace covers 259,410 square foot making it one of the biggest palaces in the world. A city with one of the coldest winter temperatures of -10°C, heating bills for this home can reach £214,799.76 for the four months of winter.”

£417,312 – Sōri Kōtei Tokyo

“The home of Japan’s Prime Minister is in Tokyo where he lives with his family. The building spans over 503,998 square foot, and with lows of 1°C racks up a winter heating bill of £417,312.”

£993,550 – Quirinal Palace, Rome

“Quirinal Palace is the ninth largest palace in the world at 1.2 million square feet and is 20 times larger than the White House. Temperatures drop to 3°C in January resulting in a winter heating bill of £993,550,” BestHeating added.


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