Baxi welcomes “bold” decarbonisation targets

Baxi Heating welcomes more ambitious targets to cut carbon emissions by 2035, which will be helped by new heating technologies, but has stressed the importance of installer training.

Jeff House, head of external affairs at Baxi Heating, said: “As a company at the forefront of low-carbon research and development, Baxi Heating welcomes news that the government has taken on board the bold decarbonisation recommendations made by the Climate Change Committee (CCC).

“This world-first commitment to adopt the emissions cut as advised by the CCC is a monumental pledge. To achieve a 78% reduction in emissions by 2035 compared to 1990 levels will rely on a successful energy transition. To help facilitate this, Baxi Heating has been investing in and developing a broad range of low-carbon solutions, including hydrogen boilers, heat pumps and heat networks components.

“While low-carbon technologies will help in this transition, there are still challenges. One of the biggest barriers to achieving the scale of ambition will be consumer acceptance. Baxi Heating believes that consumer engagement should start now, to help increase understanding of the need for low-carbon technology and the role it will inevitably play in meeting these goals. Change is inevitable, and we have to help people to understand that their heating systems and the way they use them will change – just as they will have to change the kind of car they drive.

“Furthermore, we must prioritise the upskilling of heating engineers to enable them to install new low-carbon heating and hot water solutions.”

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