Bathroom industry to benefit from “renovation wave”

A virtual workshop hosted by the Unified Water Label (UWL) and its Italian partners attracted more than 70 visitors from across the UK and Europe attending to discuss the commercial benefits of the UWL.

Paulo de Silva Lemos, Policy Officer at DG Environment, and Alessandro Durante, from the Italian trade body AVR (taps and valve association), were both guest speakers.

Carlos Velazquez, chairman of the European Bathroom Forum, (EBF) who introduced the speakers and closed the event, said: “It is clear that the renewed focus on post Covid-19 initiatives designed to stimulate economies, such as the Green Deal and the Renovation Wave present a unique commercial opportunity for those that support the UWL.”

Alessandro Durante urged the industry to get behind the ‘UWL solution’, added: “The UWL is not only good for the environment, it will also achieve the goals of our politicians. The benefit of the UWL is that it has been developed by industry experts that understand the complexity of their products, and how they work as part of a system.”

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