Well done HPM for speaking out

Have just read the editorial from HPM editor, Tim Wood, in the August edition of HPM regarding Suffolk builder, David Liptrott, who escaped jail despite carrying out illegal and dangerous work at a home in Ringshall.

I am now retired, but it still bugs me that these people get away with compromising people’s lives doing work they are not qualified to do.

I commend him for speaking out as he did. I wonder if the judges would be that lenient if it had happened to one of their families, I doubt it!

They should be sending a message to all cowboy tradesmen that they won’t get away with it. Too many just open in a different name – you only have to watch Rogue Traders on tv to see that, it’s a disgrace.

Although I am qualified on gas work, I was never able to get registered due to the stubbornness of Corgi over a technicality. This didn’t impact on my work income fortunately, as I am also a qualified electrician and plumber. I always refused to do gas work for my customers, even though I knew my stuff.

Anyway, just thought I’d let you know I appreciate your comments in the editorial.

Ron (RPW Electrical & Plumbing Svcs.)

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