The unmasking of John K. Love

HPM regular, John K. Love, is celebrating ten years as residential technical expert. Sparked by the letter received below, John looks back over his career and experiences in the industry in his HPM May column. You can read John’s response in the next issue…

My name is Dan Evans and I’m a heating engineer based near you in Kent.

I read your magazine each and every month and look forward to every edition.

My favourite part of the magazine is the articles written by John K. Love. I would love to know some more about him, his background in the industry etc. Perhaps some information can be put into one of the future editions? I have been reading the magazine for at least two years but to date, we can only guess at his background. His technical knowledge is clearly amazing.

I am an active member of several online plumbing/heating forums and we often debate issues, such as controls, hydraulic separation, and corrosion control. I’m aware space in the magazine is a premium but is there no way John can be provided two pages rather than one for his articles? I can see from reading them that he is every bit as passionate about the industry (and achieving excellence) as myself and the fellow online engineers I chat to most evenings.

At the very least, please pass on my thanks for his work, and please ask that it long continues. I’ve been working in this industry since leaving school almost 20 years back, yet I’m not too proud to admit I have plenty more to learn in the industry and the technical articles always get my brain cranking over.


Dan Evans

Prestige Plumbing & Building Services


HPM Editor’s note: Space is a premium in HPM, so, unfortunately, it just isn’t possible to offer more than one page for John’s article per issue.

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