A letter from one of our readers, @betateach who responds to Clive King’s letter

It’s always lovely to hear from our readers, particularly when it encourages conversation between you. After writing a letter (issue 404 – May 8, 2017), Nathan Gamblings (Twitter handle: @betateach), received a reply from one of our other readers, Clive King (issue 405 – May 15, 2017). In light of this, he Nathan asked whether we could include his response to Clive. His letter is below.

Dear Plumbzine,

It was really good to receive a response from Clive King (issue 405 – May 15, 2017) to the letter I wrote in HPM (issue 404 – May 8, 2017).

Clive highlighted that I had forgotten to mention the name of my grandfather. His name was Edward Van-Win. However, every one called him ‘Van’…except his brothers who called him Ted. My name is Nathan Gambling and if Clive knew my grandfather, he can contact me at: Nathan@betateach.com.

Kind regards,
Nathan Gambling

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