Is the future plastic piping?

Another excellent issue, there are always plenty of high quality articles to read. However, the article ‘Is the future plastic piping?’ by John Love (January 2018 issue) needs a little correction and additional information on the copper side.

John talks of copper pipe in terms of Tables, W, X, Y and Z. These were the designations in the old British Standard BS 2871-Part 1. The current standard for copper plumbing tube is BS EN 1057 and here annealed tube is designated ‘R220’ and half-hard tube as ‘R250’.

R220 equates to the old Table W and Table Y soft coils and R250 to the old Table X and Table Y half-hard straight lengths. The copper tube used for general purpose plumbing applications is R250 and it is available in the same OD and wall thickness as before.

Copper Development Association does indeed have plumbing resources on our website but we do have a dedicated copper plumbing website – Copper Initiative – with resources and more at:

We are looking forward to next month’s article on the advantages and disadvantages of copper and plastics.


Nicholas Hay
Project Manager – Building & Construction
Copper Initiative
c/o Copper Development Association
Hemel Hempstead.