‘If this, then that’

honeywellHoneywell is offering homeowners unrivalled control over their heating by improving the functionality of its evohome and Single Zone thermostat with the launch of an IFTTT channel.

IFTTT, which stands for ‘if this then that’, is a web tool that automates tasks between two apps, or ‘channels’.

The new evohome channel means that the thermostat can access information from and react to 134 smartphone or tablet services, including Apple and Android favourites like weather, geolocation, calendars and sport apps.

After registering with IFTTT online, homeowners can programme certain tasks to take place automatically. Each formula, or ‘recipe’, follows the simple ‘if this then that’ rule, enabling users to get the most out of their apps.

Examples include:
•IF I leave postcode X, THEN turn the heating off
•IF it starts snowing, THEN set my bedroom temperature to 22º
•IF my calendar says I am on holiday, THEN turn off the heating.

Marketing and communications manager at Honeywell, Andy Mansfield, said: “The new IFTTT channel builds on that level of control, lending homeowners the added advantage of automating changes based on their lifestyle, fuelling greater energy savings.

“This is another positive message for installers with ‘tech savvy’ customers, who can now talk about IFTTT when specifying the Honeywell connected range.”

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