High heating bills will force bill payers to rethink Christmas spending

innasolInnasol, the renewable heating company, has unveiled research showing that high and unpredictable energy costs will force almost a quarter of the UK population to change their spending habits this winter.

The survey results clearly show that over 60% of UK adults wait as long as possible before switching the heating on, some eventually relenting due to their children’s requests. Many of those questioned said that they wear layer upon layer of clothing prior to turning the heat on and risking higher bills. Some respondents even said that they wait for the temperature to drop to minus figures before turning their heating on.

Silvio Spiess, Innasol’s CEO, said: “Our research has shown that unfortunately, thousands of people will have to compromise their Christmas spending to accommodate unpredictable high heating bills this winter. This highlights the need for the government to commit to its Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme beyond 2016, and make consumers more aware that they can save up to 45% on heating bills by simply switching over to a greener energy source.”

Survey highlights include:
•High and unpredictable heating bills will definitely affect the spending habits of over 24% of the UK population
•Fifty per cent of respondents will consider changing their spending as a result of high heating bills
•Over 60% of respondents hold off as long as possible until they turn their heating on while seven per cent only turn heating on when they have guests over
•Those aged 35-44 are the most money conscious, with 66% holding off as long as possible to turn the heating on, and over four per cent never even switching their heating on
•The south east is the most hardy region, with almost 70% holding off as long as possible until they turn their heating on. Twenty per cent of Londoners are most likely to have their heating on in one room to save money
•Proving that it’s not always so cold up north, the north east is the cosiest region with 16.5% always having their heating on at whatever temperature they desire
•Those in the Midlands will be hit hard – nearly 30% will definitely be changing how they spend their money because of their heating bills

The government’s RHI is now available to homeowners, offering financial incentives in exchange for switching to a cleaner energy solution such as biomass or a heat pump. According to the Renewable Heat Report, by making the switch to renewable technologies such as biomass, homeowners could enjoy up to 45% off their heating bills and significantly reduce their carbon footprint. However, the majority of UK homeowners are unaware of renewable heating and the financial benefits that come with it. For example, 74% and 84% of UK residents don’t know that biomass systems and heat pumps respectively are a renewable energy source.

Sample: 1,643 UK adults

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