Almost half of Brits are puzzled by government boiler plans, survey shows

Jack Coles, a heating specialist from

Close to half of the UK’s homeowners are confused by the government’s plans to phase out old boilers, according to a new survey from More than 70% don’t understand the cost of upgrading to a new approved system.

The data showed that while 48% of British homeowners didn’t know if the ban affected them and their homes, 65% felt that current government financial incentives didn’t go far enough. On top of this, 71% had no idea how much a sustainable boiler system would cost them and 61% admitted to not knowing what a heat pump is.

Jack Coles, heating expert at, said: “There’s a lot of confusion around the boiler ban and what options are available to UK homeowners.

“However, inevitably we will all need to move over to more sustainable systems in the not-so-distant future, so it’s a good time to do your research now. There are also grants available to encourage UK homeowners to switch systems, so take advantage of them while you can.”

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