Grundfos training to appeal to your ‘webination’

Well known for innovation pump solutions, Grundfos also apply this premise to their approach to deliver their customers with knowledge and to maintain the information flow to customers. This has recently manifested itself in Grundfos hosting a wide range of online webinars that are designed to appeal to anyone who has any professional interest in pump solutions.

These have proved to be really popular and many people, who haven’t attended a webinar before have found out that these options, that are delivered by our expert staff, offer them the perfect platform to learn more about a wide range of topics. The tailored courses offer an insight into topics such as: Grundfos Product Center, domestic circulators, industrial cooling, an introduction to off-site build, and an insight into Grundfos digital solutions, to name just a few of the areas covered. But don’t worry if you weren’t aware and feel you may have  missed out on any of these, because we have recorded them for you and they are ready for you to watch, as and when suits you.

We hope to be back on track with our classroom Pump School classes as soon as we can, but in the meantime there are multiple ways to get access to pump knowledge. Visit and click on the Training tab, to see for yourself.

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