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Calor Installer training
Calor Installer training
Calor Installer training
Calor Installer training

There are 3.9 million homes in remote and rural areas across Britain with no access to mains gas, and around two million of these are fully off-grid with little prospect of gas connection. The majority of these properties traditionally use electricity, oil or solid fuel to heat the home, however LPG is becoming increasingly popular and should be actively recommended to customers.

Recent statistics from Transparency Market Research indicate that the LPG market is expanding rapidly, with an annual growth rate of 3.8 per cent forecast until 2018, so there is a growing demand for systems that use the off-grid gas.

For installers, this presents a great opportunity to specify and install heating systems that meet customer requirements, and in doing so benefit from the installation and future servicing of the boiler.

Turnkey solution
For installers working in rural areas that do not have access to mains gas, specifying and maintaining heating systems means having to be familiar with alternative fuels such as oil and LPG. If homeowners are looking for a cleaner and more convenient way to heat their home, and a fuel which can also be used for cooking, and for fires, then the ideal alternative is LPG.

Traditionally, installers may have been reluctant to recommend LPG, as there is a perception that converting a customer to gas will be long and complicated. However, this is not the case; a switch to LPG is streamlined with the support and expertise of Calor and its full service installation package.

With just one initial call to Calor, a representative will make joint visits with the installer to the customer’s home if required, to specify the tank size and aid with siting. Calor will then deliver and install the tank, undertaking any groundworks required too.

This means there is less hassle for both the installer and the customer, as Calor manages the whole external gas installation, and the installer manages the boiler installation.

What’s more, customers switching from another fuel to Calor gas can receive a free above ground tank installation, or an underground tank installation for only £1,500.

Homeowner benefits
There are a number of homeowner benefits that can be gained by using LPG, and installers should relay this information to customers in order to persuade them to make the switch.

LPG is the cleanest burning fossil fuel meaning it’s kinder to the environment, and in the very unlikely event of a leak there is no risk of ground pollution resulting in expensive clean up costs, unlike with oil.

There are also a number of storage options available, as the tank can be sited above or below the ground, and cylinders are available as a compact solution if the customer has smaller gas requirements or less outside space. Another benefit is that LPG is also virtually impossible to steal, meaning there is no risk of fuel theft.

Calor is available to support installers and customers at every step of the conversion; from the initial call, throughout the installation process, and also offering specialist aftercare.

Installer Incentive Scheme
Best of all, installers who join the Calor Installer Incentive Scheme will be rewarded for every successful tank referral with a cash incentive, £250 for a tank installation or £100 for a cylinder installation.

So don’t be apprehensive when talking to your customers about the off-grid fuel options available, and promote LPG as a versatile, clean and efficient solution that can be installed quickly without hassle.

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