Pump suspension design fault?

Question from Val Cameron, via email:
I have been having trouble since the day a Worcester Greenstar 30CDi was fitted.It emits ahumming noise that makes me ill.

A Worcester engineer has been out and when the pump is held or moved slightly the noise goes away, it has something to do with the pump suspension.

I have read about pump anti-vibration brackets but theengineer does not know about this product. If the suspension is to blame surely this is a design fault and should be rectified.

I cant stand this any longer please help me.

Answer from Martyn Bridges, director of marketing and technical support at Worcester, Bosch Group:
There are three different boiler types under the Greenstar 30CDi name; a Combi, a System or a Regular or Conventional boiler. If the appliance is a Combi or a System boiler then the circulating pump is built in and therefore any vibration or humming noise is unlikely to be down to the pump position or any supporting brackets as this is an issue that is likely to have been picked up on by one of the hundreds of thousands of homeowners who own one of these boilers.

If it’s a Regular or Conventional boiler then the pump is plumbed into the system pipework by the installer, therefore the support of the pump is unfortunately out of Worcester’s control and down to the heating engineer.

One final consideration if the boiler is a Combi or System boiler is that the system pipework is sized sufficiently to allow the flow rate around the system without undue velocity or restriction which of course may result in a resonance in the pump. One way of proving or disproving this if the boiler is a Combi is to run a DHW tap and see if the pump still creates a noise, if not then there is potentially a restriction in the primary pipework or a sizing issue.

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