I’m losing water from my system via the feeder take and the boiler pump is running all the time. Do you know what the problem could be?

Question from Jimmy Young, via email:
I have a Dunsley valve fitted in my bungalow, which is linked to a multi fuel stove and a gas boiler. The problem that I have is that I”m losing water out of the system via the feeder tank and also the hot water from the stove is getting to the boiler and the boiler pump is running all of the time. Do you know what the problem is?

Response from Martyn Bridges, director of marketing and technical support at Worcester, Bosch Group:
I’m not sure what you mean by a Dunsley valve. I’ve heard of a Dunsley Link-Up, where a neutralising vessel is installed to allow the connection of a solid fuel boiler and a gas or oil-fired boiler. Is this what you mean? A number of the components, namely the spring open motorised valve, are seemingly only available from Dunsley. Therefore, as this is a proprietary control system, I suggest that you make direct contact with Dunsley at: www.dunsleyheat.co.uk for more information as to why your system is performing this way.

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