Van-tastic ways to stay secure

Tools stolen from work vehicles is always a worry for workers
Tools stolen from work vehicles is always a worry for workers
Tools stolen from work vehicles is always a worry for workers
Tools stolen from work vehicles is always a worry for workers

Theft from vans can be a very expensive problem for British tradesman and women but now a team of motoring experts have issued five top tips to improve van security.

Motoring experts have compiled a short, concise list of some of the easiest and most affordable ways van owners can improve their vehicles’ security and deter pesky thieves.

1. Prioritise security when choosing a new van
Even the basic configuration of your van can impact its security. Glazed rear doors, for example, are great for visibility but they can be a security risk as they let everybody know what’s in your vehicle and they can be more easily broken. Most modern vans offer a good range of security features, but if you need to add extras, consider specifying an alarm, immobiliser and deadlocks for all the doors.

2. Don’t leave valuables inside your van
Seems obvious, but the best way of preventing valuables from being nicked from your van is to make sure you’re not leaving them there to begin with. If it’s possible to take all your tools out of the van when leaving it, then do so. If not, then at least take the mostly costly and valuable items with you.

3. Take your parking location into consideration
Parking in a busy, well-lit area is the best option, and areas covered by CCTV are even better. If you park your van at home or work, you can improve security by adding motion-detecting security lights, lockable gates or even rising bollards to your property.

4. Use simple and affordable security upgrades
Heavy-duty steering wheel locks, handbrake locks, lockable fuel filler caps and locking wheel nuts are all relatively cheap and easy ways to deter opportunistic thieves, or you can even go so far as applying plastic window tints to keep smashed windows in place. Lockable toolboxes for valuable equipment and upgraded deadlocks or slam locks for doors are some more of the physical add-ons for commercial vehicles that can be adapted to suit different needs.

5. Invest in the latest security technology
Electronic GPS trackers can vastly improve the chances of recovering your van if it is stolen, and the most advanced systems can alert the police about stolen vehicles too. Otherwise, think about installing a CCTV system to monitor the area or areas your van is mostly parked. The latest cameras can even be connected to your local wi-fi network to stream images directly to your smartphone or computer.