New Joblogic Refcom software module

Joblogic and Refcom have collaborated to launch a software module in the UK that ensures F-Gas compliance. It also makes it simpler and faster for HVAC engineers to comply since they can now input the data directly into a compliant logbook via a mobile app.

Legislation demands that an engineer must track and record any movement of refrigerant gas in an official logbook. There also needs to be a back-office system that shows all the work completed on equipment.

Says Greg Hill, principal consultant at Joblogic: “While it is possible to record work completed on paper-based systems this can be time consuming and lead to errors when a second person inputs the data into the back-office system. With each piece of equipment and all the cylinders having their own logbooks, it can take time to find all the necessary paperwork, discover what needs completing on an asset, do the work and then fill in each of the logbooks with all the correct information.”