The future of the programmable thermostat is here…

...with Honeywell’s launch of its Lyric T6.

tado° launches Professional range in the UK

tado° Professional introduces remote boiler maintenance, enhanced multi-zone control and Smart Radiator Thermostats

Hot new product from HVAC unit producer, VTS Group…

...with its launch of new air heater, VOLCANO.

30 Second System Dosing? Yes we can with new Rapid-Dose

Sentinel launches market’s most innovative aerosol dosing can.

Reach behind the radiator with Rotarad

Rotarad's radiator valve kit allows easy access for both decorating and cleaning purposes with no need to turn off the water.

Rinnai: space heater range

Easy to install, trouble free long life warmth – new additions.

Myson’s Plan comes together in flat fronted style

Myson offers the new Plan Compact and Plan Compact Plus, two stylish flat fronted panel radiators designed to please both installers and end users alike.

Vent-Axia revives social housing ventilation

...with launch of the intelligent Lo-Carbon Revive.

All round knee protection from Redbacks…

...with new strapped kneepads.

Hitachi showcases new heat pump product line-up… UK Construction Week.