New Wirquin NEO zero-leak bottle trap

Wirquin Neo bottle trap
Wirquin Neo bottle trap

Thanks to bi-injection technology, all washers are over-moulded onto the body so there can be no loss of washers, giving total protection against leaks.

The Wirquin NEO Air system function is an innovative option that replaces the traditional ventapipe air admittance valve, preventing noisy gurgling and bad smells. It allows the pipes to be naturally ventilated; when a negative pressure is created in the pipework, the membrane rises, thus creating continual ventilation to prevent the suction of the water seal.

All Wirquin NEO products have been designed to be quick and easy to fit thanks to the ‘quick safe’ function, a ¼ turn captive nut that ensures a quick and reliable installation and easy to clean with a simple ¼ turn base.

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