Traditional ventilation dampening housing spirits

Paul Harrington, Elta
Paul Harrington

Choosing an alternative to traditional Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) systems with heaters could improve tenant acceptability and energy efficiency in social housing properties, according to a new report published by Elta Fans.

‘Combatting Condensation: A guide to solving condensation issues faced by the social housing sector’ aimed to educate social housebuilders and landlords around the escalating issue of condensation in social housing. The report included guidance on improving ventilation, indoor air quality and energy efficiency.

Paul Harrington, head of residential sales at Elta Fans, said: “Condensation isn’t a new problem, however, amongst a drive to make properties more energy efficient and better insulated, we are losing fresh air and ventilation in our homes. As such, condensation can quickly lead to damp and mould which will affect tenants’ health and the properties themselves.

“Condensation is a natural occurrence which tends to arise in more efficient buildings and is therefore born out of the tenants’ behaviours and use of the building, rather than being at the fault of the property.

“Despite this, social housing providers have a responsibility to maintain air quality and comfort for their tenants and tackling condensation plays a significant role in this. Industry needs to move away from an over-reliance on heaters in PIV systems, and towards more measured and targeted ventilation.