Trade associations launch liquid biofuel vision

Paul Rose

Trade associations OFTEC, the Tank Storage Association (TSA) and the UK and Ireland Fuel Distributors Association (UKIFDA) have kicked off 2020 with the launch of a joint ‘Supply Chain Strategy for Liquid Fuels’.

The initiative details the steps to be taken towards a transition to 100% biofuel to replace heating oil in 1.5m homes across the UK and 686,000 homes across Ireland.

The three trade associations will be joined by other trade bodies and industry representatives in a new ‘Taskforce for Liquid Biofuels’.

OFTEC chief executive Paul Rose said: “Our ‘Supply Chain Strategy for Liquid Fuels’ is a clarion call to government to respond to the huge environmental challenges we face with practical and inspiring policies that could help the 2.2m oil heated homes in the UK and Ireland switch to a low carbon liquid fuel. Following detailed independent research that suggests that the cost of decarbonising liquid fuel for heating gives the best value to the consumer when compared with other low carbon solutions, we need policies to be ambitious enough for net zero but which also reflect the practical challenges and financial constraints of many households. Low carbon liquid fuels offer the highest carbon reduction impact for the lowest cost. Analysis also shows that sustainable, low carbon liquid fuels could be produced in sufficient volume in the UK, with the additional benefit of generating investment opportunities and creating new green jobs.”

Five key challenges have been set to government, including energy efficiency measures to improve the performance of buildings and services, supporting supply chain preparations to accept a 30% FAME/70% kerosene blend fuel into existing installations by 2027, and a supply of low carbon 0% fossil liquid fuel by 2035.